Wooster Lists

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Lists of Woosters/Worcesters/Worsters etc. appearing on a variety of documentation.

These lists are very much a "work in progress" and in some cases people have been identified and are on the GWT. If you recognise anybody on here please let us know.

Armed Forces and Conflict WW2 - Worcester/Wooster/Worster
Armed Forces and Conflicts. All variants.
Assorted Woosters. Mainly Wooster and Worcester
Australia and New Zealand for Wooster (Brian to Clement Leopold)
Australia Passenger Lists. Wooster
Convict ships to Australia 1786 to 1849. Wooster & Worcester
Bedfordshire Electoral Registers 1832 to 1986. All variants
Berkshire Records. All variants
Billion Graves Index - All variants (UK, USA, Australia & New Zealand)
British Army Prisoners Of War 1715-1945
British Armed Forces Records
British Red Cross Volunteers - WW1. Wooster, Worcester & Worster
British Medal Awards. All variants
Brompton, Middlesex Cemetery Records. Wooster, Worcester & Worster
Buckinghamshire Marriages. All variants
Buckinghamshire, Woosters on the Poll for Knights in 1784
Cambridge Marriage Register
Canada Census 1861 and 1871
Canada Census 1881 and 1891. All variants
Canada Censuses 1881 and 1891. Wooster & Worster
Canada Census 1901. Wooster, Worcester& Woster
Cheshire Records. All Variants
Crew Lists (British). Wooster, Worster& Woster
Derbyshire Records. 1 Wooster + 2 Worcester
Devon Records. All variants
Dorset Records. Wooster & Worcester
Durham Records. Wooster & Worster
England Clandestine Marriages. All variants
Phillimore England Marriages. All variants
England Roman Catholic Parish Records. All variants
England & Wales National Burial Index. All Variants
England & Wales Merchant Navy Crew Lists 1861-1913. Wooster, Worcester and Worster
Feet of Fines (UK) Worcester references
Gloucestershire Bristol baptisms & marriages. All variants
Greater London Burial Index - 1600's to 1800's. All variants
Greater London Marriage Index. All variants
Herefordshire baptisms & marriages. Worster
Hertfordshire Records. All variants
India records. All variants
Ireland records. Wooster & Worcester
Ireland Merchant Navy Crew Lists 1863-1921. Wooster & Worster
Kent Records - All variants
Lancashire Records - Wooster, Worcester and Worster
Leicester Marriage Register - Mary Wooster (1687)
Leicestershire Records. All variants
Lincolnshire Burials - Woster
London Livery Companies Apprentices and Freemen 1400 to 1900. All variants
London School Registers 1852-1918. Worster & Worcester
Massachusetts, Boston Crew Lists 1917-1943. Wooster and Woster
Medway, Kent Poor Law Union Records 1836 to 1937. All variants
Middlesex Marriage Register. Mary Wooster 1788
Middlesex Monumental Inscriptions - 1485 to 2014. Wooster, Worster & Woster
Middlesex Records. All variants
Military Lists - Wooster/Worcester & Worster
New England Passenger and Crew Lists. All Variants
New Zealand BMD Index. All Variants
Norfolk Records. Woster, Worcester & Worster
Nottinghamshire Burials. Wooster, Worcester & Worster
Ontario Birth Index 1860 to 1920. Wooster
Overseas Births & Baptisms (including armed forces). Worcester, Worster & Wooster
Overseas Banns & Marriages (including armed forces). Wooster, Worcester & Worster
Overseas Deaths & Burials (including armed forces). Wooster, Worcester & Worster
Oxfordshire Marriage Bonds 1634 to 1849. Wooster
Oxfordshire Marriage Register. Wooster
Passenger Lists for the Port of Quebec City and Other Ports. All variants
Pembrokeshire Records - Worcester & Worster
Peter Worster Emigrant to USA at New York 1663
Portsmouth Records - Worster, Woster & Worcester
Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books 1802 to 1849. Wooster, Worcester and Worster
Probate Death Index for England and Wales 1858-2019. All variants
Queensland BMD Records. Wooster, Worcester & Woster
Richmond (Surrey) Graves. Wooster
Schools and Education. UK and Queensland Australia. All variants
Scottish Records. All variants
Sheffield Worster Family
Somerset BMD Records. All variants
South Australia Immigrants. Worcester & Wooster
Staffordshire BMD Records. Worcester, Wooster & Woster
Surrey Baptisms. Wooster, Worcester and Worster
Thames & Medway Baptisms & Burials. All Variants
The Soldier in Later Medieval England. Worcester
UK Deaths 2007 to 2015. Wooster & Worcester
1939 UK Register. All variants
UK Police Gazettes 1812 to 1902 and 1921 to 1927. Wooster & Worcester
USA Roman Catholic Records. Wooster, Worster & Worcester
Settling in Victoria from UK. Wooster & Worcester
Warwickshire Baptisms. All variants
Westminster Baptisms & Burials. All variants
Wills (1660-1700). Worcester and Woster + 1 Wooster
Wiltshire Records. Worcester, Wooster and Worster
Worcestershire Probate Index. 1 Worcester + 1 Worster
Yorkshire Records - Worcester/Worster/Woster/Wolster



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