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Those who served and those who sacrificed

Welcome to the military section of the website where you will find information about those who served their country in times of conflict.


Can you help? There are several Woosters/Worcesters/Worsters etc on the following list compiled from a variety of sources including the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website. Many are as yet unlinked to the Great Wooster Tree.

Do you have Wooster ancestors who served in the military at any time? If so we would be delighted to add your stories to our website.

Latest Additions:
31 Jan 2021: Lindon Edward Wooster
04 Feb 2021: James Arthur Wooster (updated)
01 Apr 2021: Frederick John Wooster (b.1930)
10 May 2021: Ronald George Wooster
08 Jun 2021: Gilbert Wooster
08 Jun 2021: Henry George Wooster
12 Jun 2021: James (Percy) Wooster
15 Jun 2021: Albert Jesse Wooster
15 Jun 2021: Benjamin Thomas Wooster
08 Aug 2021: James Harold Convine
24 Sep 2021: Stanley John Wooster
26 Sep 2021: Jack Stanley Wooster (updated)

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  26 September 2021