The Great Wooster Tree

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    January 2020    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Sarah Pearson   Edward R Wooster   Ellen Louisa Harris   Minnie Randall   Arthur Wooster   Eliza Charlotte Wooster   James Wooster   James Spence Wooster   Harriett Heddell   Thomas Wooster   Vera May Wooster   Gwyndoline P Foulds   Ruby Corona Wooster   Alice Florence Pullen   Mary Elizabeth Wooster   Horace Potter   Frederick Henry Wooster   Ellen Elsley   Thomas Wooster   Gladys Irene Wooster   Leslie A Wooster   Laura May Knights   Reginald Frederick Iredale   James Augustus Wooster   Gwendoline Isabella Wooster   Leslie C Aldridge   Frederick Wooster   Edwin Hussey   Irene Beatrice Carter   Elizabeth Ann Cleland   George Henry C Hussey   Dorothy B Wooster   May Keeley Christmas   Lily Emily Wooster   John Wooster   Arthur Brooks   Betty E Wooster   James Proven   Edith Geraldine Foster   Nellie Augusta Butcher   James George Worcester   Rose Sparkes   John Wooster   Alice Sarah Standage   Albert Edward Wooster   Stella Mary Wooster   Mary Ann Wooster   Sylvia Eva Maidment   Florence May Sherwin   Florence Eliza Bloxham   June C Farlie   Sarah Elizabeth Garnett   Florence Eliza Wooster   William Francis Wooster   Sarah Wooster   George Venables   Edith Venables   Idris Thomas Edwards   William Wooster   Elizabeth Dallimore   William John James   Edith Amy Anderson   Lily Esther Fuller   William Henry Berry   George Wooster   Helen Carden   Walter Henry Blackwell   George Stanley Wales   Gertie Mabel Wooster   Ann Clay   Ernest Albert H Cohen   Doris Ann Lee   Mary Ann Worster   Marsella Dunn   Annie Worster   Sarah Clarkson   Mary Worster   James Worster   Jane Worster   Helena Catherine Worster   Caroline Colf   Laurel James   James Gilbert Jepson   Clarice Louise Gregory   Sybil Annie Gregory   Caroline Worster   Mary Randon Morris   Alma Frances Worcester   Martha Lanaway   Emma Rebecca Worster   George William Liddiment   John Henry Wade   William Joseph Wade   Daisy Ellen Woster   Joan L Woster   Jonas Wooster   Ebenezer Wooster   Minnie Randall   Arthur Rogers   Albert Thomas Wooster   Charles Wooster   David Trist Wooster   Frederick Wooster   Jane Wooster   Robert Redvers Johnson   Katie Ball   Norah Madeline Gurney   Elizabeth Ann Balls   Frederick Henry Wooster   Reginald Wooster   Patricia G Ramsey   Edward J Wooster   Amelia Rose Pickard   Robert Wooster   Henry Wooster   James Augustus Wooster   Ivy May Wooster   Edwin Harry Cleeve   Gilbert Douglas Burch   Leslie C Aldridge   George Arthur Wooster   Edward Peter Wentworth Dillon   Ruth Annie Dillon   Barbara Ruth Bellamy   Norah Irene Dillon   Tyndall James Lord William Hus...   Elizabeth Wooster Hussey   Janet R Wooster   Victor Frank John Wooster   Violet Joan Wooster   Barbara J F J Wooster   Christine Marjory Wooster   Albert William Wooster   Frank Wooster   William Charles Victor Keen   Elizabeth Ann Keen   Vera Mary Louisa Harvey   Alice Mary Wooster   William Frank Stone   Frederick Stone   Hannah Sophia Smith   Phyllis Winifred Wooster   Nellie Wooster   Kate Wooster   Emma Halt   William John Wooster   James Wooster   James George Worcester   Rose Charlotte Worster   Annie Worster   Henry Wooster   Lilly Elizabeth Wooster   James William Wooster   Louisa Ruth Wooster   Sarah Louisa Venables   Edwin Venables   Ellen Wooster   Jonathan Wooster   Sarah Emma Wooster   Herbert Sydney Wooster   Edith Mary Wooster   Edith Amy Anderson   Samuel Lazarus Cohen   Dorothy Winifred Cohen   Ellen Louisa Moss Mills   Beatrice Edie Wooster   Gertie Mabel Wooster   William Wooster   Marsella Worster   Alice Maud Worster   John W Convine   John William Worster   Arthur Worster   Jane Clarkson   Grace Wye W James   Jane Worster   Helena Catherine Worster   Edward Alex Worster   Alice Agnes Worster   Ernest Alfred Barker   Joy V Barker   William Gilbert Gray Worcester   Arthur Worcester   Florence Louisa Morris   Edward Michael Worster   Jane Elton   Emily Worster   George Worcester   John Henry Wade   Stanley Charles Woster   Joseph Washburn   Henry Clarence Wooster / Eliza...   Aaron Wooster / Winifred Glady...   Sydney Ellis / Gwyndoline P Fo...   Edwin James Wooster / Mary Ann...   Donald N Sutherland / Olive Wo...   Frederick Donald Wooster / Mar...   Charles Philip Wooster / Emily...   Frederick Percival Wooster / H...   Thomas H L Nobes / Gwendoline ...   Albert Wooster / Mary Tabitha ...   Edward Wentworth Dillon / Lili...   Malcolm Geoffrey Lowndes Baile...   Albert Allen / Hannah Louisa W...   Reginald John Sanders / Pearl ...   William George Wooster / Helen...   Frank Wooster / Nellie Elizabe...   Kenneth Stanley Brooks / Barba...   Percy Albert Wooster / Vera Ma...   George T Phillips / Rosa Grace...   Reginald James Wooster / Flore...   Frederick William Francis Woos...   William James Samuel Wooster /...   Arthur Leonard Sherwin / Vera ...   Alfred James Sherwin / Tessa C...   Rupert Henry Sherwin / Bessie ...   William Richard Nicholson / Fl...   George Edward Wooster / Phylli...   Charles Maurice Baldwin / Evel...   Russell Charles Wooster / Hild...   Thomas Edwards / May Ethel Van...   William John James / Ethel Luc...   Walter Philip Blackwell / Stel...   James Gilbert Jepson / Agnes C...   Henry James Worster / Lilian E...   John Edward Scott / Eleanor Ro...   William H Watts / Florence Mar...   William J Harlow / Ethel Mildr...   Dr Cecil Charles Worster-Droug...