The Great Wooster Tree

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    July 2020    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Thomas Ball   Margaret Ann Clements   Percy John Goodchild   Allan A Hellard   David Rose Wooster   Annie Pickles   James Albert Walmsley   Aaron Wooster   Arthur William Wooster   Florence Edith Wooster   Minnie Eliza Wooster   Sidney Charles Wooster   Stanley Wooster   William John Wooster   Margherita Beatrice Gore   Eliza Young   Elizabeth Cobb   Norah Madeline Gurney   Georgina Lilian Lucy Moss   Reginald Wooster   John Thomas Softley   James Wooster   Robert J Munt   Ruth Annie Dillon   John Errington Hussey   Herbert Roland Wooster   Arthur Ernest Wooster   Albert Marsh   David William Wooster   Arthur Leonard Wooster   Edna Stalker   George Kennedy   May Louisa Head   Annie Dorothy Wooster   Eliza Wooster   James William Parrett   Margaret Kate Colwell   Thomas Edward Sherwin   Lilian Amanda Clarke   Mary Celia Stevens   George William Sherwin   Clara Florence Wooster   Elizabeth Wooster   Amy Wooster   Caroline Emmerson   Louis King   Evelyn Rosina Palfrey Joseph   Kate Wooster   Joseph Venables   George William Wooster   William Enos Vann   Thomas Edwards   Gilbert Wooster   Stanley Bertram Cowen   William Cyril Cowen   John Wesley Cowen   Elizabeth Ann Bleasby   Bernard Giles Rollisson   George Alec Wooster   Sydney Arthur Wooster   John Tillotson   George Edward Tattersall   Dennis Hustwick   Mary Annie Wooster   Maud Wooster   Edith Marjorie Wooster   Henry Wooster   William Wooster   Walter Philip Blackwell   Arthur Duncan Wooster   Gwendolin Beryl Corney   Thomas William Worster   Martha Coles   Arthur Edmond Lawrence Worster   Everard Ernest Worster   Caroline Worster   James Worster   Reginald Frank Jackson   George Plampin   Herbert Thurling   John Wooster   Jane Elizabeth Counsell   Minnie Ashley   John Randon Worcester   Helen Flora Gray Worcester   Robert Gray Worcester   Dorothy May Rawlinson   Clarice Hilda Veal   Ann Worcester   Annette Worster   Ann Esther Worster   Emily Worster   Jane Elton   Edward Henry Worster   Joyce Rosalind L Carr   Edith Maud Worster   Lilian Ethel Worster   Amelia Mary Hartwell   Fred Crawshaw   Robert Crawshaw   Arthur E Hobbs   Harriett Linden Meredith   Florence Margaret Oldfield   Albert Charles Joseph Wooster   Annie Ellen Wooster   Dorothy Wooster   Frances Wooster   Harold Charles Wooster   James Wooster   Harriett Heddell   Charles Edward Moseley   Florence Wooster   Frederick G Wylde   Laura May Knights   Selina Milton   Emily Charlotte Wooster   Frederick Marshall Wooster   Bertha Tomlyn   Mary Ann Darvill   Bernard George Wooster   Sarah Margaret Hussey   Richards Henry Dillon   Robert McCreadie Godson   John Errington Hussey   George Henry C Hussey   Donald H Wooster   David William Wooster   Barbara Joan Keen   Kenneth Stanley Brooks   Hilda Nellie Stone   Thomas James Wooster   Betty E Wooster   Arthur Dennis Wooster   Frederick John Wooster   Vincent Foster   Nellie Augusta Butcher   John Wooster   Eliza Wooster   Ivy Jane Worcester   Sarah Jane Worster   William Worster   Sophia Wooster   Mary Ann Wooster   John Wooster   Polly Laura Wooster   Stella Mary Wooster   Ruby Emily Wooster   Mary Elizabeth Sherwin   Elizabeth Sarah Wooster   Clara Wooster   Herbert Gladstone Wooster   Amy Wooster   William George Wooster   Annie Maud Wooster   Kate Wooster   Ethel Adelaide Venables   George William Wooster   Janet Wooster   Stanley Wooster   Florence Wooster   Ellen Wooster   Frances Hannah Wooster   George Wooster   Maud Wooster   Alice Wooster   Lindon Edward Wooster   Edgar William Wooster   Frederick Clement Wooster   Lorna Wooster   Violet Mary Lambert   Clara Newcombe   Kathleen Wooster   Jessie Wooster   Catherine Emily Louisa Hole   Alice Wooster   Ernest Frederick Charles Cohen   Alice Gertrude Cohen   William Thomas Wooster   James Worster   George William Malcolm Morris   Robert Gray Worcester   Lilian Fildes Worcester   Emma Margaret Worster   Cyril Frank Gregory   William Joseph Wade   John Edward Scott   Cyril Leonard Hignell   Joan L Woster   Anthony Leslie Wooster   John Wooster / Elizabeth Finch   Edwin Wooster / Kate Hitchcock   Albert Marsh / Alice Maud Woos...   Moses William Wooster / Thurza...   Roy Shutt / Annie Crawshaw   Oscar Ellis / Alice Mary Travi...   Henry Clarence Wooster / Hilda...   Albert Edward Wooster / Edith ...   John Alderman Sanders / Hannah...   Albert Bache / Mildred Wooster   Benjamin Wooster / Mary Jane W...   Frank Wooster / Eliza Young   Francis William Wooster / Nora...   Albert Firth / Ruth Caroline W...   Archibald Thomas White / Alice...   Sidney Joseph Wooster / Olive ...   Frederick W Wooster / Dorothy ...   Dr William Alfred Wooster / No...   Frank Gordon Hardy / Dorothy E...   Edward Samuel Wooster / Laura ...   John F Tucker / Vera Mary Robi...   Frederick Marks Wooster / Dori...   Harry Charles Wooster / Bertha...   Frederick Charles Pushman / Ma...   Gilbert Douglas Burch / Alice ...   Leslie C Aldridge / Phyllis Jo...   Horace Edwin Wooster / Grace E...   Richards Henry Dillon / Irene ...   William George Wooster / Rose ...   Albert William Wooster / Mathi...   George Cawdron Wooster / Edna ...   James Bertram Harris / Olive I...   James Edward Hobbs / Rosetta W...   Sidney Charles Wooster / Hapzi...   James Charles Wooster / Ivy Fr...   Albert Wooster / May Louisa He...   Charles Robert Wooster / Vera ...   Walter Wooster / Lilian Annie ...   Charles Percy Crew / Constance...   William Henry Foster / Clara B...   George Job Wooster / Mary Jefk...   George Reed / Eliza Worster   William John Wooster / Gladys ...   James H Green / Mabel Florence...   Frederick J Weston / Gladys Wi...   William Henry Sherwin / Annie ...   Arthur Stevens / Mary Elizabet...   Douglas Lawrence Sherwin / Syl...   Golden T Belson / Winifred Flo...   Cyril C Evans / Elvira Norah W...   Andrew Wooster / Rose E Rogers   Bernard William Bates / Margar...   Arthur Frank Young / Marion Ph...   James Oxlade / Eliza Emma Vena...   George Kent / Megan Maie Edwar...   Frank Smith / Dorothy Foulds E...   George Leonard Baldwin / Nelly...   Alan Roy / Joan Walker   Norman Bottomley / Alice Maud ...   Maurice Gilbert John Wooster /...   George Henry Wooster / Glenys ...   John Cowen / Hannah Wooster   Eldridge Arthur Cowen / Lily R...   Edward Joseph Wooster / Edith ...   William Wooster / Eliza Lewis   Leonard Lewis Wooster / Floren...   Walter Hugh Wooster / Gladys E...   William Noel Frederick Wooster...   James Worster / Mary Ellen Bai...   Leslie Walter Desmond Peacock ...   George Raleigh Gray Worcester ...   Worcester Thomas Morris / Flor...   Douglas Newton Seth-Smith / He...   Reginald Donald Ellis / Annett...   Edward Henry Worster / Mary El...   Thomas Valentine McCall / Eliz...   Alfred Charles Morris / Joyce ...   David Tubman / Ada Florence Wo...   William Leddra Woolley / Louis...   Dr Cecil Charles Worster-Droug...   Thomas Walter Wooster / Hilda ...   Gordon Lindon Court Wooster / ...