The Great Wooster Tree

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    October 2020    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Annie Drusilla Goodchild   Sarah Ann Clark   Margaret Ann Clements   Edward R Wooster   Mary Jane Wells   Eliza Tilling   Henry Wiggs   Benjamin James Williams   Agnes Wooster   Eliza Wooster   George Albert Wooster   James Joseph Wooster   Joseph Wooster   Mark Remington Wooster   Minnie Eliza Wooster   William George Wooster   Mary Rogers   George William Wooster   Herbert Edward Wooster   Charlotte Rooksby   Doris Jane Wooster   Leslie A Wooster   Robert J Munt   Joan E Munt   Edward S Wooster   Frederick Marks Wooster   Ethel Grace Wooster   Mary Tabitha King   Sarah Miriam Wooster   Sarah Wooster   James William Money   Gertrude Ada Wooster   Irene Beatrice Carter   Agnes Elizabeth M Dillon   Francis Richard Bellamy   James Ritchie   Maud Isobel Cleland Hussey   Susannah Neasmith   Christine Penny   Albert Marsh   Nellie Rutland   Nellie Elizabeth Moon   Chrissie Wooster   Ernest Stone   Thomas James William Offen   Cyril Arthur Rosser   Nellie Eva Nugent   Sarah Eliza Rawlence Davis   Doris Caroline Wooster   Joyce P Wooster   Mary Wooster   Esther Emily Higham   Mary Ann Sophia Worster   Maria Worcester   Thomas Wooster   Frederick John Wooster   Ellen Charlotte Veary   Albert Edward Wooster   Mary Celia Stevens   Andrew Wooster   Peter Wooster   Leslie E Wooster   William Francis Wooster   Hannah Wooster   William Cyril Cowen   Ernest Gordon Cowen   Mary Jane Wooster   Mary Annie Wooster   Albert Horace Wooster   Robert Arthur Wooster   William John James   Stanley Newcombe Wooster   Florence Lucy Cooper   George Wooster   Emma Wooster   William Walter Blackwell   Beatrice Madeline Cohen   Ernest Albert H Cohen   George Herbert Greathead   Isaac Worster   Sarah Worster   John Willie Worster   Catharine Worster   James H Convine   Marcella Worster   Constance Glanville Stone   Dorothy Worcester   Maud Arthur Worcester   Frank Rupert Wooster   Lilian Ethel Worster   Mildred May Woolley   Amelia Mary Hartwell   Emma Biggs   Oscar Ellis   Mary Ann Elizabeth Johnson   Mary Jane Wells   Arthur Gladstone Tilling   Charles Thomas Tilling   Eliza Tilling   Henry Wiggs   Arthur Moses Wooster   Charles Wooster   Dennis Wooster   James Robert Wooster   Martha Wooster   Thomas Wooster   Victor D New   Archibald Thomas White   Sarah Marshall   Olive Amelia Munger   Bernard Harry Wooster   Charlotte Rooksby   Lillian Rose Russell   George Wooster   Florence Edith Wooster   Joan E Munt   Selina Milton   Harry John Shaw   John Jesse Larner   Bertha Clara Halls   Doris Kathleen Elliott   Gladys Mary Josephine Wooster   Frederick Harry Hooker   Frank Percival Brothers   Mary Ann Darvill   Francis Edwin Walter Wooster   Walter Frederick Wooster   Phyllis Joyce Burch   Ralph H Morris   Frederick Charles Pushman   Agnes Eleanor Lord   Richards Henry Dillon   Arthur George Blackford   Janet R Wooster   Leonard Arthur J Wooster   Florence Harriet Wooster   Christine Marjory Wooster   Ruth Cawdron   Chrissie Wooster   Robert Stone   Peggy Eva Wooster   Sarah Eliza Rawlence Davis   Henry John Harris   Nellie Wooster   John Wooster   Ellen Martha E Bellinger   Arthur Charles Wooster   Matilda Wooster   Stella Mary Ellis   Emma Halt   James William Parrett   Charles Edward Parrett   John Edward Charles Hughes   Mabel Florence Wooster   Ellen Charlotte Veary   William James Samuel Wooster   Polly Laura Wooster   Ruby Emily Wooster   Janet Eunice Crockett   Ernest Frank Sherwin   Mary Elizabeth Sherwin   Reuben Stevens   Rupert Sherwin   Louisa Maria Cole   Andrew Wooster   Peter Wooster   Joseph Christopher Wooster   James John Phelps   Dora Louise Phelps   Ethel May Burnard   Louisa Wooster   Eliza Emma Venables   Edwin Venables   Ethel Adelaide Venables   Elizabeth James   Louisa Wooster   May Ethel Vann   Cyril William Scott   Annie Caine   Alice Maud Cain   Dorothy Harris   Lily Ruth Mitchell   Molly Evelyn Wooster   Edith May Wooster   Blanche Wooster   Florence Wooster   James Wooster   Archibald Frederick Rollisson   William Wooster Tillotson   Joseph Arthur Rodley   Annie Eliza Wooster   Frances Hannah Wooster   William Brazier   John William Wooster   Charlotte Dalby   Louisa Clarke   George Wooster   George Henry Wooster   Lily Gertrude Wooster   George William Wooster   Sidney Wooster   Jane Eliza Wooster   Sarah Kate Lacey   William Cecil Middleton Cubbag...   Margaret Helen Wooster   Emma Wooster   Mary Worster   Alfred Clarkson   Wilfred Pickering   Grace Wye W James   Emma Margaret Worster   Caroline Frances Kimpton   Enid Iris Cheeseman   Lorna Cross   Alice Maud Pretoria Jones   Constance Glanville Stone   Norman George Worster   Fanny Morris   Ellen Maude Fildes   Eliza Harriet Worcester   Ida Elizabeth Cobbold   Joanna Sarah Worcester   Worcester Thomas Morris   Anne Rosemary Baker   Ethel Mildred Wade   Cyril Leonard Hignell   Lilian Rosina Revnell   George Keen / Agnes Rose Woost...   Edward Gravett / Jane Annie Wo...   Arthur Thomas Davis / Elsie Ra...   Frank Wooster / Eliza Fox   Ephraim Plumridge / Mary Ann W...   Horace Edwin Wiggs / Anne Ferg...   George Goodwin Wooster / Stell...   Thomas Ball / Frances Mary Woo...   Frederick Jennings / Katie Bal...   Alfred Wooster / Charlotte Tha...   Ernest Alfred Wooster / Rachel...   Reginald Wooster / Kate Ann O'...   Charles Philip Wooster / Jane ...   Robert Marston Munt / Margaret...   Philip Wooster / Lilian Isabel...   Reginald Frederick Iredale / S...   Frederick Harry Hooker / Glady...   Edwin James Wooster / Winifred...   Edwin Harry Cleeve / Ivy May W...   Cyril Arnold / Doris Marjorie ...   Ralph H Morris / Phyllis Joyce...   Arthur Edward Wooster / Nellie...   Francis Lawton / Minnie May Wo...   Moses Harry Wooster / Margaret...   William Frederick George Tilbu...   Arthur Brooks / Charlotte Woos...   Dennis Wooster / Sylvia M Bake...   Thomas Henry Wooster / Ivy Vio...   James S Ford / Emily Daisy Woo...   John Edward Wooster / Dorothy ...   Herbert Thomas Lewis Wooster /...   William Henry Sherwin / Janet ...   George William Sherwin / Beatr...   Harry Botting / Minnie Eliza W...   Victor Titherington / Phyllis ...   George William John Wooster / ...   Arthur James Wooster / Pamela ...   Carl Romen Ward / Doris Wooste...   Cecil Thomas Wooster / Constan...   Joseph Arthur Rodley / Ann Lou...   Jesse Lewis Chantrell / Vera A...   William E Kirk / Edith Florenc...   George Benjamin Lacey / Julia ...   Ernest James Skipp / Pauline T...   George Wooster / Emma Biggs   Peter Herbert Wooster / Margar...   George Maurice Wales / Beatric...   Samuel Cohen / Alice Wooster   Charles James Wooster / Jessie...   John William Worster / Rhoda J...   Edward Michael Worster / Jane ...   Edward Nicholson Archer-Reming...   John Worster / Emma Peart   Seaward Grinter / Alice Lillia...   William Hayward / Clarice Loui...   Cyril Leonard Hignell / Daisy ...