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Joseph Worster - Convict - Link to the GWT?

Is Joseph connected to the GWT?
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Joseph Worster
Thomas Worcester Transported 1826

A Thomas Worcester (b. ca. 1806) was transported after being convicted of theft in 1826. He arrived in Tasmania on board the Governor Ready. According to the records on the Tasmanian Names Index, it appears he was from "City Road" and possibly married a Charlotte (Worcester) in Bishopsgate Street, or was Charlotte his mother? At the time of his first conviction for theft in 1822, the transcript of the trial suggests he was living in Bishopsgate with his mother. A departure record on the Tasmanian Names Index suggests he left Tasmania, bound for Port Philip in Melbourne in 1841, after which we can see no trace of him. Do you know which Worcester family he is related to? Transcripts of Convictions
John Woster Vs Thomas Carroll

A court case (adjourned) where John Woster claims to be owed money for lodgings by Thomas Carroll. Who is this John Woster? Could he be the same one who was assaulted (see below)?
John Woster Assaulted

Newspaper report from Adelaide about the conviction of two men who assaulted John Woster, ship's cook and steward. Any ideas who this John Woster could be?
James Wooster - Tythingman of Chepping Wycombe (High Wycombe)

Richard Wall was accused in 1821 of assaulting a James Wooster, who was described as a "tythingman" of Chepping Wycombe.

Was this the same James Wooster who had two pigs stolen from his custody in 1817? He appears to have had some official status.

Also was he the same James Wooster who was involved in the conviction of a John Wooster who stole two ducks in 1829?

Is there a possibility that he could have been the James Wooster - constable of Bradley (or Bradenham?) in the story below?
James Wooster, Constable of Bradley (Bradenham?) 1842

James Wooster described as the Constable of Bradley in the Windsor and Eton Journal.

He was involved in a case with a stolen bill hook. The case centres around West Wycombe so where is Bradley and have they mistaken it for Bradenham?

Also who is this James Wooster? There are several candidates on the tree.

Could he be the James Wooster - Tythingman in the story above?
John Wooster Steals a Duck - 1829

Could this be John Bailey Wooster. There is no age given, but it looks like his accomplice was 15, the same age as John Bailey Wooster would have been in 1829.
Tell us what you know     |     More information: John Bailey Wooster
Marjorie Louise Slade/Wooster b. Nov 1902

Marjorie seems to have made multiple journeys from England to North America, appearing on several incoming and outgoing passenger lists between 1923 and 1927. Summary of Journeys.
From the immigration documents it would seem that her DOB is around November 1902, and she was born at Capel in Surrey.
She sometimes travelled under her maiden name Marjorie Slade, and sometimes as Marjorie Wooster, which we believe to be her married name, sometimes saying she was single, sometimes married. Her residence, or intended future residence varied between England and the USA.
She usually travelled first class and never stated an occupation, other than housewife a couple of times.
We believe she was married to a Wooster in the USA since there are no Wooster-Slade marriages at the appropriate time in the UK.
On 19 Feb 1927 she married Dayton Trubee in Manhatton, New York. She married under the name Wooster and was divorced.
Do you know which Wooster she married and therefore how she links to the GWT?
Henry Wooster's Grave - West Wycombe

These are relatives of the New Zealand branch of the Wooster Family Group at St Lawrence in West Wycombe on a visit to the UK. They discovered the grave of a Henry Wooster. There are three possibilities, but it would seem the most likely one is the infant son of John Wooster and Elizabeth Hawes.
Is this a family grave, on which the other inscriptions are no longer visible? If not, why such a large grave for an infant? Or is it a different Henry Wooster?
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Adelaide Woosters

Does anybody recognise any of these Woosters?



1956 844/3788 WOOSTER William Charles L WOOSTER [S] Adelaide


Newspaper birth notices              Parents

Advertiser    WOOSTER    Philip    Reg & Maureen 1971


New Arrival Newspaper Article Victor Harbour Times (SA : 1932 - 1986) Wed 6 May 1981 Mrs. Peter Ballard (nee Wooster), of Goolwa, with daughter Kelly Rebecca born at the South Coast District Hospital on 22nd April and weighing 3.23kg.
David Wooster of Cheddington, Bucks & North Haven, Maine

From Judy Loukides.

I found your website with the Great Wooster Tree, but couldn't find my ancestor on it. David is my 4th great-grandfather, and I've been searching for his lineage for 3 years. has nothing about him. The Vinalhaven, Maine and North Haven, Maine historical societies have nothing except a photo of his grave and some census records that only list his name and the number of people in his household.

I have fairly reliable information that he was born at Cheddington (possibly as early as 1732), and baptized in 1735 at High Wycombe. The story I found said his parents died when he was a boy and he emigrated to America with an uncle in 1744, settling first in Massachusetts, then Maine. He married, at Falmouth, Maine around 1758, Lucy Crockett, with whom he had 7 children. I don't know when they came to North Haven, Maine. David's gravestone in North Haven states that he was born 22 February 1732 in Chester, Cheshire, England. But another descendant hired a researcher in the UK who was not able to find a record anywhere in Cheshire for anyone named Wooster (alternate spellings also checked) born any time near 1732. He did find a record at High Wycombe with the information above, and there was only one David. But we still can't prove that he's "our" David until we find more information.

If you know anything about him, or if you know of some more resources I could check, would you please let me know? I'm at a complete impasse, and any new information would be greatly appreciated.

Judy Loukides

Amelia Worster - Larceny Case (1860)

Could this be the Amelia Worster on our tree? It seems unlikely as she would have been only seven at the time.
But if not, then who is she?
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Amelia Worster
Wooster Cup

The Wooster Cup. Darfield High School, Canterbury, New Zealand. It was first presented in 1979 and is for Service and Co-Operation in Years 9 and 10.
Does anybody know who this was named after?
John Wooster of Pennbury Farm - 1924 Visit to New Zealand?

Did John Wooster visit New Zealand as a 16 year old? He gives his age as 19 on the ship's passenger list, his occupation as farming and his address as a vicarage in Melton, presumably Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. His parents were very active in the church in Leicestershire, so could this be their son? He emigrated to New Zealand in 1926, but may have returned permanently later.
Tell us what you know     |     More information: John Wooster
John Wooster, Chairmaker, Lambeth

John Wooster and his wife Sarah lived in Lambeth and appear on the census returns for 1851, 1861 and 1871. John was a chairmaker from High Wycombe and Sarah from Great Marlow.
Their dates of birth are also quite consistent, both born ca. 1798-1801.
There is a marriage on 20 Aug 1825 at All Saints Holy Trinity in Great Marlow between David Lunnon and Sarah Gunnell, witnessed by a John Woster and Sarah White. Could Sarah be Sarah White?
The closest match for John is the son of Timothy Wooster and Ann Tucker, who was Christened in High Wycombe in 1798, but we know nothing further.
Tell us what you know     |     More information: John Wooster
Susan Wooster (b. 1622, Stoke Goldington, Bucks)

Susan Wooster was born in 1622 in Stoke Goldington in Buckinghamshire. Christened on 3rd March 1622.
Her tree is on the Some Fabulous Pedigrees website. However, the link to Robert Wooster and Katherine Harris would appear to be incorrect. That family were from High Wycombe and their daughter Susan was born in 1623.
Does anybody know how the Stoke Goldington family connect with the GWT?
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Susan Wooster
Edward John Wooster (aka Edward Borner)

Edward John Wooster was born in Bray, Berkshire ca. 1885 and died in WW1 on 1st July 1916. He was also known as Edward Borner. Military Page
He was referred to as Edward Borner on the 1891 census, where he was living with his aunt, Sarah Ann Rogers (nee Wooster). By 1901 he was in the army at Oxford Wood Barracks. He married Kate Ellen Cooper in 1909 in Hampstead, but married under the name Wooster. On the 1911 census they are living in West Hampstead, but now under the name Borner. His medal card index gives his name as Wooster but states "amended from Borner", and his widow, Kate E remarried John Duncan under the name Wooster in 1919. It would seem that he is very likely to be a child of one of Sarah Ann's siblings. Can you help unravel, which sibling and why the switching between Borner and Wooster?
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Sarah Ann Wooster
Thomas Wooster - House Broken into - 1827

Old Bailey Proceedings, 25th October 1827.

2006. MARY HAROLD was indicted for breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Thomas Wooster , on the 2d of October , and stealing 1 bonnet, value 5s., and 1 shawl, value 3s., the goods of Martha Wainwright.
MARTHA WAINWRIGHT. I am single, and live at Thomas Wooster's, in Warwick Place, White-cross-street, St. Lukes; he is a costermonger. On the 2d of October I went with him and his wife to Croydon fair - I saw him fasten the door; he put his hand through the window, and fastened the bolt; any body outside could push it back - I left my bonnet and shawl in a box under the bed; we lived in an adjoining room; we returned from the fair together on the Friday following - I found the door had been unfastened, but fastened again; it was bolted as we had left it, but must have been opened, as the bonnet and shawl were gone; the prisoner lived in the same court - I have since seen my bonnet in Cochran's possession (looking at it); this is it - I bought it last Whitsuntide, but had only worn it half a dozen times; the ribbon which is now on it is not mine; this strange bonnet was left in the room.
ELIZABETH WOOSTER . I am the wife of Thomas Wooster; we went to the fair with Wainwright - I saw my husband fasten the door; when we returned it appeared the same as we had left it, but the bonnet and shawl were gone.
MARGARET COCHRAN. I am married, and live in Brackley-street. On the 2d of October, I met the prisoner; she said she was locked out, and asked where she could leave this bonnet to pay for her lodging till the next morning - I gave the bonnet to Mrs. Collet for a lodging for her.
SUSANNAH COLLET. Cochran delivered me this bonnet, on the 2d of October. I kept it in my possession till Bridges, the officer, came, and then gave it to him.
SAMUEL BRIDGES. I received the bonnet from Collet.
The prisoner put in a written defence, stating that the prosecutrix had lent her a bonnet, which being very old, she had exchanged this one for, and that Cochran had persuaded her to borrow 1s. upon it, and she intended to return it. She received a very good character.

Full Article

Does anybody have any idea who this Thomas Wooster is? There would appear to be a number of candidates.
Suspicious Death of George Worster (1792)

City of London Coroners: Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths.
Can anyone fully decipher this? For full article see: LondonLives
It appears that George Worster was a child who died in suspicious circumstances, possibly falling out of a window.
And can anybody fit him into any of our trees?
Doris Lillian Worster of Rochester - Great Grandfather George Gerber Worster?

Doris Lillian Worster (spelled Wooster) was in the workhouse in Chatham, Kent from 6th June 1920 to 19th May 1921 when she died. Her DOB is given as 2nd Sep 1905 and her abode prior to admittance was 20 Ross Street, Chatham. On the 1911 census she is with her family at 86 Burritt Street, Rochester.

Her father was Charles Worster from Peckham, London. He was a boiler maker's assistant in the dockyard. Charles himself makes various appearances in the Chatham workhouse between 1927 and 1932, being admitted from St. Barts Hospital, Rochester, 141 High Street, Rochester and finally "brought in by police". Charles died in 1933.

His DOB was 2nd April, we believe 1860, although the date seems to vary between 1858 and 1866 across the various documents. He married Kate Burgess on 4th June 1892 at St. Pauls in Newington, London and his father is given as Thomas Worster (deceased) who was a licensed victualler.

Thomas Worster is on the 1861 census with his wife Rebecca and their family, including a one year old Charles, in Newington and his profession is given as "out of business". He was married as Thomas William Worster to Rebecca Hopkins on 3rd Feb 1845 at Newington. His address is given as Hill Street and his father is given as William Worster, also a victualler. There is quite strong circumstantial evidence that Thomas had been baptised as Thomas Walter Worster, namely the address being given as Hill Street and the fact that a burial record exists for Thomas Walter in 1862. His widow Rebecca remarried in 1863.

If this is the case then his parents are Martha Coles and George Worster, probably George Gerber Worster, a baker, who, in 1817 was acquitted of highway robbery.

Tell us what you know     |     More information: Doris Lillian Worster
South African Woosters

Does anybody know how the following South African Woosters fit into the GWT?

Margaret Helen Wooster
REFERENCE 1036/1966
REFERENCE 4461/1972
STARTING 19720000
ENDING 19740000

Frederick Clement Wooster (on the Hayward & Wooster tree)
STARTING 19530000
ENDING 19530000

Cecil Harold Wooster
REFERENCE 4070/1965
STARTING 19650000
ENDING 19650000
REFERENCE 3708/1966
STARTING 19660000
ENDING 19660000
REFERENCE 12134/75
STARTING 19750000
ENDING 19750000

Albert Edward Wooster Tree - Note the interchanging of the spelling of the name in this family

REFERENCE 302/1925
STARTING 19250000
ENDING 19250000
REFERENCE 318/1925
STARTING 19250000
ENDING 19250000

Reginald George Wooster
From Raymond Gordon Wooster born in Boksburg/Benoni South Africa My dad Reginald George Wooster was born December 1929 I think in South Africa but he had a bad childhood so any talk of his family was taboo. He had a half sister Audry who is still going strong. I have very little family history that I know of. I understand that my father was raised by his grandmother who was of Scottish descent. In South Africa where I was born in Boksburg the were only 2 other Wooster that I know of. One was quite a famous boxing promoter apparently not directly related to us. The other was a 2nd world war vet with one leg who was apparently a con man specialising in young nurses. Selling clothing getting the cash and then moving on before delivering the goods. He apparently was related to my dad Reginald George Wooster.

Full Names Surname Date of Birth Spouse

Arthur J Worcester - tree
The AngloBoerWar website gives two records, both in Kitchener's Fighting Scouts.
1. A J Worcester no. 26936: Demise: Died of disease - enteric fever 15 Apr 1901 Place: Klipkraal Source: In Memoriam by S Watt
2. Arthur John Worcester no. 844: Served in 1st KFS. Joined Cape Town 14 Jan 01 died of wounds 15 Apr 01 Graaff Reinet Source: Nominal roll in WO127.
It seems inconceivable that these two people are not the same person.
The only UK record which appears to match is a baptism record for an Arthur Worcester, baptised 25 Jul 1881 at St Giles, Camberwell. Born in the workhouse to mother Maria Worcester.
Victoria Prison Registers

Is the Mary Ann Wooster at the top of the list this one. Her father John is at the bottom of the list. And who is this Royal T Worcester? Register
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Mary Ann Wooster
Wooster's Bakery at Bardwell, nr Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

One of our members brought this along to our family gathering in July 2017. Does anybody know how this family fit into the GWT?
Thomas Wooster of Abbots Langley, Chatham and Ontario, Canada

Can you place him on the GWT?

Thomas Wooster was born around 1833 in Hertfordshire, England. He was a carpenter and the 1871 census claims Abbots Langley as his place of birth. He married Emma Barnett (b. 26 Aug 1834, Chatham, Kent) in the Medway area of Kent in 1854.

They had six children that we know of, Thomas Henry (b. 14 Jun 1856), Ellen (b. 1860), Emily (b. 1862), Frederick (b. 1864), Sarah (b. 1866) all in Chatham and Annie (b. 1869) in Gillingham, Kent.

In 1871 Thomas and the eldest son, Thomas Henry sailed to Canada on the ship Niger, arriving in Quebec on the 29th May. They were recorded with the surname Worcester.

It would seem that Emma and the remaining children went into the workhouse in Chatham and were discharged on 12th June 1872 with the reason given as "Emigrated to Canada". They sailed, again under the surname Worcester, on the Adelia and arrived in Quebec on 4th July.

Thomas must have died before 1881 as the family appear on the 1881 Canada census, under the name Wooster, in the East York district of Ontario, and Emma is recorded as a widow.

We can't find any history of Thomas before 1861 and therefore cannot place him on the GWT.
Thomas Wooster Witnesses Theft - 1850

George Williams was convicted of theft of a paletot in Aylesbury in 1850. Thomas Wooster was a witness. Do we know who this Thomas Wooster is?
Thomas Wooster Convicted of Theft and Accused of Assault - 1828

Thomas Wooster was convicted, along with William Hart, of stealing a trap in 1828. He was also accused of assaulting the Constable in the execution of his duties. There is also a Thomas Wooster, accused in 1832 of stealing beans and peas in Chepping Wycombe. Is this the same Thomas Wooster or a different one?
Police Sergeant George Wooster

Sergeant George Wooster presenting evidence at the Central Criminal Court in an attempted murder trial.

Who is he? There is a Geo. Wooster on the 1851 census (Registration district: West London, Sub-registration district: West London South, ED: 7c, Household schedule number: 113, Piece: 1527, Folio: 364, Page 34) who would fit, and he was born ca. 1821 in Bucks, but no further detail.
Joseph Wooster Convicted of Stealing Coal (1848)

Who is the Joseph Wooster convicted of stealing coal in 1848 and given six weeks hard labour?

On the same day, James Wooster of Chepping Wycombe was convicted of assault.
Charles Wooster - Victim of Theft

John Donough and Timothy Caden were convicted of the theft of a loaf of bread from a Charles Wooster of Chepping Wycombe (High Wycombe) in 1851. Which Charles Wooster? Very likely to be one of these father/son.
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Charles Wooster
Mrs Wooster of Owlswick

Mrs Wooster of Owlswick collects for the Princes Risborough Poppy Day in 1934.

Do we know who she is?
Miss Wooster of Exeter

Miss Wooster of Exeter gives a sweet-making demo at the Women's Intitute.

Do we know who she is? There are no obvious candidates on the GWT.
Arthur Wooster of Putney

Arthur Wooster of Putney fined for a breach of the lighting regulations.

Do we know which Arthur this is?
Rosa Wooster Assaulted

Do we know who this Rosa Wooster is and how she fits into the GWT?
Frederick Norman Wooster

Military Record

We cannot place him on the GWT. Can you help?

Frederick was born on 5th May 1889 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Frederick Norman Wooster's parents were Thomas Henry Wooster and his second wife, Mary O'Brien.

Frederick Norman lived at 207 Albany Avenue, Toronto and was a fire alarm telegraph operator when he joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1916.

Thomas Henry was born 14 June 1855 in Chatham, Kent and in 1871 he emigrated with his father, Thomas to East York, Ontario, arriving on the Niger on 29 May 1871. They are listed on the immigration records both as Thos. Worcester. Thomas Henry worked as a carpenter (like his father). He married Margaret O'Brien on 14 June 1883 but she died on 9 Feb 1886 (in Toronto) and Thomas then married Margaret's sister Mary on 2 Nov 1887.

Thomas (snr) was born ca. 1833 in Abbots Langley in Hertfordshire, but we cannot trace him any further back than the 1861 census. His wife was Emma (b. 26 Aug 1834, Chatham, surname unknown) and she followed to Canada the following year with their other children, arriving on the Adalia on 4 Aug 1872 and also listed under the name Worcester. The other children (Thomas Henry's siblings) were Ellen Eliza (b. 1860), Emma Amy (b. 1861), Frederic(k) S (b. 1864), Sarah E (b. 1866) and Annie (b. 1869)

Edward Wooster of Norwich, UK/ Christchurch, New Zealand

One of our members sent us the death certificate of Edward Wooster, which states that he was born in Norwich (UK) in 1938 and his parents were Albert Joseph Wooster (farmer) and Margaret Jane Capley.

As yet we are unable to connect this family to the GWT and there is no sign of any of these people on the BMD index.

Death Certificate
Thomas & Sibill Worster & Goodman & Robert Woster Named in Wills

Thomas Worster was named in the will of Sibell Brudenell in Stoke Mandeville: Will

Likewise, Goodman and Robert Woster were named in the will of William Mortimer: Will

None of these people are known to us. Can you help?
Canal Side, High Wycombe. Thomas Wright, Thomas Wooster & the Williams Family

I was researching my ancestor Thomas Wright who lived Canal Side, High Wycombe. The 1851 census showed him living as an orphan with the Williams family.

He was a chair polisher. I noted that there were 2 lodgers who were also chair polishers and thus possibly worked together. One was Thomas Wooster b1828 Bradenham.

I would be grateful if you know where Canal Side was located in Wycombe, where Thomas W worked or if there was any other connection with the Williams family.

Allan Wright rr73555@gmail

Henry Victor Wooster

Served in the Boer War. We have information about him and his family but do not know where this family fit into the GWT. Can you help?

Family file
Sad Story from UK (Holbeach, Lincs/Norwich)

See attachment

What we know is mainly about Nellie Elizabeth's family, but the question for us is how does she connect with our tree? Who is Albert R Wooster?

1. There is a marriage record (Vol 7a, Page 965) in 1922 of Nellie Elizabeth Lewis marrying Albert R Wooster in Holbeach, Lincolnshire (Lincs). Consistent with news story)

2. Possibly born 1st qtr 1899 in Holbeach. (Vol 6b, Page 48)

3. Possibly daughter of Louisa Lewis who was the daughter of Elizabeth Lewis. (1911 Census) Place of birth does not match but Holbeach residence does.

4. 1901 census tends to support the above. Head was Elizabeth (53 - widow, born Ilford) with two daughters Louisa (25, born London - mother of Nellie, 2 - born Lincs) and Nelly 17, born London.

5. Pearl Louisa Wooster was born in 1924 in Holbeach (Vol 7a, Page 693)

6. The other child, John, is possible Everitt J Lewis, born 1919 in Holbeach (Vol 7a, Page 563)

7. Albert R Wooster is a mystery. I have tried some very random searches using keywords such as "Pearl" in the hope that the child was name after his mother/sister, etc but nothing has turned up.

A Worcester Stray - Liverpool

William Thomas

Baptism 18 Jan 1833, St Peter Church, Liverpool

Son of Richard & Mary Worcester

Father's occupation: Shipwright

Address - Fonerroy Street

Other children of this couple:

Louisa Clarke Worcester Bap 27, Feb. 1832

Mary Thomas Worcester Bap. 27,Feb 1832

Both on the same day at St. Peters, Liverpool

Ivy C Wooster

Ivy C Wooster 1912-1977, b. Edmonton, London, UK We believe she may be associated with the family of William Wooster and Charlotte Emma Fitzjohn. Any ideas/confirmation?

1820 Settlers Website

Tell us what you know     |     More information: Charlotte Emma Fitzjohn

 Mystery Photos

Mary Jefkins Family?

Unidentified photos from Mary's album. Are they Mary's family? Could some of them be Woosters? The two families were quite close. Written on the back of the one of the man at the gate is 'For (?) Frank wishing you a happy xmas and a bright & prosperous new year '
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Mary Jefkins Family?    
Nabiac Trove Photos - Unknowns

Photos of unknown people believed to be Woosters or closely connected. Photo 1 appears to be taken in Sydney between 1883 and 1891 (when William Nutting Tuttle had a studio there).
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Nabiac Trove Photos    
Eliza Babbs or Amelia Rose Pickard?

This photo was found in the Nabiac Wooster collection in New South Wales, Australia. She must be connected to the family of Henry Featherstonhaugh Wooster and Henrietta Rose Brandon for the photo to end up there. The photography studio in Peckham was in existence from 1884 to 1901 and so she must be part of the family who stayed behind in the UK. The most likely candidates are Eliza Babbs, wife of Samuel Wooster or her daughter-in-law Amelia Rose Pickard.
Henry Samuel Thomas Wooster?

This photo was found in the Nabiac Wooster collection in New South Wales, Australia. As with the previous photo, he must be connected to Henry Featherstonhaugh Wooster and Henrietta Rose Brandon. In this case the studio name isn't legible but the address was a private address from 1892 onwards. As such it would seem likely that the young man in question is Henry Samuel Thomas Wooster.
Sons of Peter Wooster and Emily Payne

Some of these are thought to be the sons of Peter Wooster (b. 1854) and Emily Payne.

Can anybody identify any of them?
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Peter Wooster Sons?    
Portrait of Henry Worster in National Portrait Gallery

Henry Worster by and published by John Smith, after Thomas Murray mezzotint, 1690.

National Portrait Gallery

What we know:

1695 Henry Worster, buried at St Faith's, 24 May 1694-5, from St Matthew Friday St. His father: Hy. Worster, mercer, p. St. Fayth, Ldn - 1656 marr Elizabeth Webb at South Mimms, Herts; 1673 Henry listed as citizen + draper - a master. Abode (?) 7 stars Paternoster Row, Spread Eagle; Com Gen Index IV 246 wife Elizabeth; Orphans 8; Died 1682 Buried at S Faiths; Will 1692 Pcc 18 Coker of widow Elizabeth; Children - Henry, Thomas, Anna. Burials at S. Faiths: 1682 Henry (senior); 1695 Henry; 1697 Thomas.

Probably the son of Henry Worster (born Dinton, Bucks; marr Eizabeth Webb of South Mimms), lived in London.
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Henry Worster    
A Wooster Wedding in Hoddesdon in 1914

This is the wedding photo of Frederick Arthur Wooster (1888-1971) and Amy Maria Hewett (1889-1973) on 09 Nov 1914 at the parish church, Hoddesdon, UK. Frederick's parents (Aaron Wooster & Emily Alice Wheeler) are sitting second and third right from Frederick as we look. Do you recognise anybody else on the photo? The man at the back is thought to be John Wigginton Wooster. The lady sitting next to the groom is his sister Ada (b. 1892).
Unknown Lady

The lady in the photo is unknown and the man is thought to be Frank Wooster (b. 1883).
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Unknown Lady    
Sergeant George Wooster

Photograph taken in Cairo during WW1. There is no AIF or NZEF connection so we think he may be British
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Sergeant George Wooster    
The Wedding of Molly Wooster & Albert Prince

The wedding took place on Christmas day 1935 in Alperton, near Wembley and many of the people on there are unknown. Can you help?
A Wooster Wedding in Harrow?

Probably a Wooster wedding taken in Harrow, UK. ca. 1898. The gentleman second from right at the back is Harold Wooster (1877-1955) and the groom has a strong family resemblance. Can anybody name any of the other people on the photo?
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Wooster Wedding?    
Unknown Wooster Family - possibly Hoddesdon area?

An unknown Wooster family, possibly from the Hoddesdon area
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Unknown Wooster Family    
Unknown Wooster Wedding

An unknown Wooster Wedding
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Wooster Wedding - Unknown    
Lancashire Woosters?

Believed to be a Wooster family from Colne, Lancs. Can anybody recognise them?
Lancashire Woosters?

Believed to be taken in Nelson/Colne, Lancs. We think the man at the back on the right is Greaves Shaw (husband of Bertha Wooster). The others are thought to be Wooster siblings/spouses. Any ideas?
Tell us what you know     |     More information: Lancashire Wooster Family?