The Great Wooster Tree

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Wycombe, Buckinghamshire


Tree: Great Wooster Tree

City/Town : Latitude: 51.62910001170426, Longitude: -0.756683349609375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atkins, Alfred  Abt. 1834Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I386061
2 Atkins, Ann  Abt. 1825Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I386058
3 Atkins, Edmund  1797Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I386057
4 Atkins, Ellen  Abt. 1839Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I386062
5 Bates, Bernard William  5 Apr 1927Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I907466
6 Biggs, Emma  Between Jul and Sep 1900Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I00556
7 Biggs, Tessa Cavell  12 Aug 1919Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773934
8 Bloomfield, Esther  Abt 1793Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I00240
9 Brooks, Kenneth Stanley  Bet. Jul-Sep 1923Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I318122
10 Brooks, Sidney Arthur  14 Sep 1919Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I345518
11 Burton, Geoffrey Jack  3 Apr 1921Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I123738
12 Chilton, Frances Ruth  Between Jul and Sep 1898Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I01014
13 Corby, Jane Winifred  Between Oct and Dec 1901Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I00645
14 Cubbage, William Cecil Middleton  Between Apr and Jun 1895Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I00449
15 East, Ronald George  31 Jan 1913Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I304132
16 Elliott, Doris Kathleen  23 Sep 1906Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I123739
17 Gibson, Thomas  Between Jul and Sep 1848Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I01552
18 Haines, William Owen  01 Mar 1902Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I00784
19 Harris, James Bertram  2 Feb 1915Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I321883
20 Hobson, Nellie Beatrice  26 Jul 1900Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I186656
21 Hussey, Bethia Alexia Cleland  Bef. 26 Aug 1866Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I181417
22 Hussey, Eliza  Abt. 1841Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I181377
23 Hussey, Emily  Abt. 1839Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I181376
24 Hussey, Maud Isobel Cleland  Bet. Oct-Dec 1868Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I181418
25 Johnson, Ethel Mildred  1906Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I03201
26 Johnson, Robert Redvers  Jan 1903Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I03200
27 Keen, Agnes Vera Edith  2 Feb 1918Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I318116
28 Keen, Barbara Joan  Bet. Jul-Sep 1928Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I318119
29 Keen, Denis Victor  11 Feb 1925Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I318118
30 Quarterman, Joan Margaret  17 Sep 1917Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I00768
31 Sherwin, Alfred James  6 Jan 1920Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773930
32 Sherwin, Arthur Leonard  20 Dec 1917Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773929
33 Sherwin, Douglas Lawrence  2 Oct 1932Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773947
34 Sherwin, Ernest Frank  17 Apr 1914Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773928
35 Sherwin, George William  2 Jun 1912Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773945
36 Sherwin, Reginald Albert  6 Feb 1928Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773931
37 Sherwin, Thomas Edward  29 Jan 1875Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773919
38 Sherwin, William Henry  2 Feb 1880Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773920
39 Sherwin, William Henry  11 Aug 1911Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773927
40 Stallwood, Edwin G  Abt 1859Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I02213
41 Stone, Annie  Abt. 1863Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I391587
42 Stone, Emma  Abt. 1865Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I391588
43 Stone, Ernest  Bet. Oct-Dec 1850Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I386060
44 Stone, Frederick  Bet. Jan-Mar 1854Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I391584
45 Stone, Henry  Abt. 1860Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I391586
46 Stone, Jannet  Abt. 1859Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I391585
47 Stone, Robert  Abt. 1852Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I391583
48 Stone, Victor  Abt. 1868Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I391589
49 Tilbury, William Frederick George  5 Dec 1920Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I323596
50 Tilling, Fanny  Abt 1876Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I01380

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atkins, Ann  Bet. Apr-Jun 1896Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I386058
2 Baldwin, Charles  2 May 1947Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I907457
3 Baldwin, Charles Maurice  23 Jun 1980Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I907459
4 Baldwin, Ellaline Lucy  Aug 1996Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I907461
5 Baldwin, Lillian Grace  6 Jun 1993Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I907460
6 Baldwin, Mabel  Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I04194
7 Barlow, Herbert  Bet. Jul-20 Aug 1935Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773910
8 Burch, Phyllis Joyce  Bet. Oct-Dec 1977Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I128791
9 Burnard, Ethel May  Oct 1991Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I932543
10 Burton, Geoffrey Jack  Jun 1998Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I123738
11 Collins, Mary Ann  Bet. Apr-Jun 1885Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I00889
12 Crockett, Janet Eunice  Bet. Oct-Dec 1970Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773932
13 Darvill, Mary Ann  Bet. Oct-Dec 1944Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I128752
14 East, Edith Mary  9 May 1987Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I303742
15 Goodearl, Mary Ann  24 May 1938Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I70783
16 Harris, Elizabeth  Bet. Apr-Jun 1922Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I125950
17 Harvey, Vera Mary Louisa  06 Apr 1961Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I321884
18 Hooker, Rex Marshall  Apr 1997Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I123743
19 Hulls, Eliza  Bet. Apr-Jun 1879Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I181375
20 Hussey, Bethia Alexia Cleland  29 Aug 1866Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I181417
21 Hussey, Edwin  Bet. Jan-Mar 1874Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I181367
22 Hussey, Eliza  15 Dec 1853Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I181368
23 Hussey, George Henry C  Bet. Jan-Mar 1887Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I181416
24 Hussey, Jane  16 Oct 1841Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I181371
25 Hussey, Mary Anne  8 Jul 1839Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I01155
26 Hussey, Maud Isobel Cleland  25 Jan 1871Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I181418
27 Hussey, Thomas Wooster  28 Sep 1849Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I181369
28 Joseph, Evelyn Rosina Palfrey  Bet. Jul-Sep 1973Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I907462
29 Keen, Albert  8 Nov 1934Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I318110
30 Keen, Denis Victor  6 Feb 1989Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I318118
31 Keen, Francis Reginald  9 Sep 1954Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I318112
32 Kennedy, George  Bet. Jul-Sep 1889Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I429614
33 Morris, Ralph H  Bet. Oct-Dec 1966Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I128795
34 Offen, Thomas James William  20 Oct 1937Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I413373
35 Roberts, Anne Maria  Between Jul and Sep 1890Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I00748
36 Rouse, Emma Gertrude  21 Dec 1981Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773917
37 Sherwin, Eliza  Bet. Apr-Jun 1900Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I971384
38 Sherwin, Florence May  Bet. Jan-Mar 1956Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773923
39 Sherwin, Gilbert Lawrence  8 Mar 1985Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773943
40 Sherwin, Mary Elizabeth  Bet. Oct-Dec 1919Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773921
41 Sherwin, Reginald Albert  19 Feb 1995Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773931
42 Sherwin, Reuben  Bet. Apr-Jun 1904Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773918
43 Sherwin, Thomas Edward  Bet. Jul-Sep 1952Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773919
44 Sherwin, William Henry  28 Aug 1949Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773920
45 Stevens, Mary Celia  Bt. Jul-Sep 1919Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773937
46 Stevens, Reuben  Bet. Oct-Dec 1911Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773941
47 Stocks, Hilda Sybel Maud  Aug 1984Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I574757
48 Stone, Alfred  2 Feb 1892Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I386059
49 Twitchen, Betty Joan  Apr 1984Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I128768
50 Veary, Ellen Charlotte  Bet. Oct-Dec 1906Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I773880

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Wooster, Miriam  Between Jan and Mar 1842Wycombe, Buckinghamshire I02175


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aldridge / Burch  Bet. Jul-Sep 1934Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F38038
2 Atkins / Stallwood  14 Jun 1823Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F102530
3 Avery / ?  Between Jan and Mar 1863Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F00805
4 Ball / Wooster  Bet. Oct-Dec 1892Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F41411
5 Barlow / Burnard  Bet. Apr-Jun 1923Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F228906
6 Bates / Baldwin  Bet. Jul-Sep 1952Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F223024
7 Belson / Nicholson  Bet. Jul-Sep 1928Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F190056
8 Brooks / Keen  Bet. Jan-Mar 1950Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F91570
9 Brooks / Wooster  Bet. Oct-Dec 1915Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F95005
10 Brothers / Wooster  Bet. Apr-Jun 1924Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F38020
11 Burch / Woodbridge  Bet. Jul-Sep 1923Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F38037
12 Burton / Wooster  Bet. Apr-Jun 1944Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F36466
13 Chilton / Wooster  Between Oct and Dec 1896Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F00310
14 Coles / Wooster  Between Oct and Dec 1881Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F00262
15 Collins / Wooster  Between Oct and Dec 1882Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F00307
16 Cooper / Wooster  Between Apr and Jun 1878Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F00305
17 Corby / Wooster  Between Oct and Dec 1889Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F00165
18 East / Rutland  Bet. Apr-Jun 1902Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F87142
19 Goodchild / Kennedy  Between Jan and Mar 1879Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F00485
20 Harris / Wooster  Bet. Jul-Sep 1942Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F93283
21 Hobbs / Wooster  Jul 1879Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F109137
22 Hooker / Wooster  Bet. Oct-Dec 1929Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F36469
23 Howlett / Avery  Between Oct and Dec 1856Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F00804
24 Hussey / Hulls  1 Jun 1833Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F53886
25 Jones / Baldwin  Bet. Apr-Jun 1956Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F223023
26 Keen / Wooster  Bet. Apr-Jun 1892Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F91566
27 Kennedy / Saillant  Between Jul and Sep 1883Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F00486
28 Kenyon / Wooster  1953Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F53904
29 Loosley / Pearce  Between Jul and Sep 1893Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F00179
30 Money / Wooster  Bet. Apr-Jun 1895Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F42991
31 Morris / Burch  Bet. Oct-Dec 1951Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F38039
32 Nicholson / Sherwin  Bet. Jan-Mar 1906Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F190055
33 Oxlade / Venables  Bet. Jul-Sep 1919Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F232501
34 Pitcher / Wooster  Bet. Apr-Jun 1927Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F160363
35 Rogers / Wooster  Between Jul and Sep 1874Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F00303
36 Sherwin / Biggs  Bet. Jan-Mar 1954Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F190047
37 Sherwin / Butler  Bet. Jul-Sep 1910Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F190044
38 Sherwin / Clarke  Bet. Apr-Jun 1905Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F190043
39 Sherwin / Crockett  Bet. Oct-Dec 1940Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F190045
40 Sherwin / Williams  Bet. Oct-Dec 1935Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F190054
41 Sherwin / Wing  Bet. Apr-Jun 1931Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F190051
42 Stevens / Sherwin  Bet. Jul-Sep 1915Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F190049
43 Tilbury / Wooster  Bet. Oct-Dec 1947Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F93284
44 Twitchen / Wooster  Bet. Apr-Jun 1922Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F38026
45 White / Walker  Bet. Jul-Sep 1923Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F18699
46 White / Wooster  20 Jun 1925Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F00314
47 Whiting / Twitchen  Bet. Apr-Jun 1947Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F38029
48 Wiggs / Wooster  30 Aug 1883Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F00223
49 Wooster / Chilton  Bet. Oct-Dec 1919Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F190037
50 Wooster / Cobb  Bet. Apr-Jun 1893Wycombe, Buckinghamshire F17241

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