Family Gathering 2013

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On Saturday 27th July 2013 we embarked on our annual family gathering with a significant difference from previous years. Instead of our usual “Wooster Room” which we felt was slightly isolated from the main event, we had a table in one of the main halls.

Finding ourselves in the furthest corner of the furthest hall only partially alleviated the sense of isolation, but on a stiflingly hot day it did have the significant advantage of being next to an open fire exit – bliss!

Two of the founder members were early attendees and were found doing battle with our new display board, eventually achieving a degree of success. The board was rapidly filled with a collection of Wooster photos, maps and census data. There were books written by our prolific Australian cousins as well as copies of the excellent “Woosters of Buckinghamshire” and some recent newsletters.

When the keepers of the Great Wooster Tree arrived with latest version on a laptop the set up was complete, but with free space on the table now non-existent I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to think that we perhaps should have had a second table.

Badges were a theme for the day with individual name badges and some badges on hand. Now nobody could doubt who we were. Another founder member arrived with a significant contribution in the form of a list of the other most common names on our tree, and this itself prompted some enquiries.

Despite the corner position, we had several people looking at the display, which we rotated at regular intervals and also some enquiries about possible links to our tree, which hopefully will bear fruit soon.

Lunchtime was upon us quicker than anybody expected and we headed off to the pub for lunch. All that is, apart from one heroic soul who volunteered to stay put and field any enquiries. Whilst lunch was of good quality, the feeling of being squeezed continued as we were shoehorned onto two long tables which were simply too close together, creating logistical problems for both us, and the waitress.

Returning from lunch, business was less brisk in the afternoon and most of us took the opportunity to look around the other stalls which were the usual mix of local and regional societies and some commercial organisations. Our guestbook was signed by most and we had an attendance of 26, including a return visitor from the U.S.A. on her second visit to a UK Wooster Family Gathering.

With hindsight, there were perhaps a couple of things we could have done better, but overall the day was undoubtedly a success as more people from outside our group came to see us, resulting in some potential new leads, and some great badges!

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