Family Gathering 2015

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The Sun Shines on the Wooster Family


With the weather being as it was on Friday and then Sunday, we were very lucky that we got a very decent and warm day for our annual family gathering in Aylesbury. We had our table in a very similar position to last year and having set up our display board and successfully accessed the wifi by 9.40 we managed to find a few more chairs for our team to sit on.

All set up for business and our members started arriving. We expected twelve of our members and all arrived, signed the guestbook, and proceeded to look around the usual mix of stalls, some commercial and others representing regional family history groups.

We had a couple of queries in the morning, neither of which we could solve immediately from the info we had on the tree, but could well lead to further additions in due course.

As always, lunchtime approached rather quicker than we would have wanted and we went off to the Chandos Arms in Weston Turville. We were met at the pub by two more members and one of our guest speakers from a previous gathering, bringing the grand total to fifteen for lunch. This was a new lunch venue for us and it worked out very well as the food and service was excellent.

After lunch the group split, with some of us returning to the school to look after the stall, whilst the rest of the group went off to Bradenham for the "grave hunt" in St. Botolph's church, where many of the people on the Great Wooster Tree are buried. One of our members is a church warden there and had arranged to meet the group and open the church. Nine graves and memorials were located there (see Gravestones and Memorials section).

Meanwhile, back at the school, another member of the group appeared and there were two more queries to deal with, which this time were answered more successfully!

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