Family Gathering 2017

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Aylesbury and the Shower Dodging Woosters
Saturday 29th July 2017


Due to emergency roof repairs, Hall 2, where we were situated was now in the new hall and upon arrival, any questions about its suitability were quickly extinguished as it proved to be an excellent facility. They appeared to have simply transferred the footprint to the new hall, so we once again found ourselves in the same prime location, with the same neighbours!

After setting the display up, the only thing remaining was the WiFi, which had let us down last year. Not so this year as access was gained simply, and although at times a little slow, it worked well throughout the day. The display itself was heavily focussed on DNA, with some of the theory behind it and some case studies of recent matches found within the group.

Having had apologies in advance from some regular attendees, we anticipated a lower than normal turnout. Members started to arrive, with in one case, a chart drawn up when she was eleven! (see gallery) and some excellent photos.

Our first query asked about a John Slater and Elizabeth Wooster. He had been there last year and as a result of last year's encounter, we now have some information on that family on the GWT and we were able to give him what we had.

Lunchtime approached and we dodged the showers again to get to the Chandos Arms at Weston Turville for our third successive year, where we were met by two more of our members. The food and service was excellent and was enjoyed by everybody. There was a first ever meeting of fourth cousins, incredibly having never managed to attend the same meeting, and a discussion between them about the Wooster coal merchants in Harrow ensued.

By the time we set off back for the school, the rain had cleared again and we arrived back to be met by two more members and this brought the grand total to eleven.

Surprisingly we had a somewhat busier afternoon than morning, with first Margaret Grace from the Beaconsfield & District Historical Society enquiring about our website story of Woosters of Seely's Farm, where it appears we have the possibility of exchanging some photos which each other don't watch this space. The next enquiry came from a lady who used to exchange information with one of our founder members years ago, and what a shame that the said member had to miss this one. Finally, someone recognised the Wooster name and he told us he used to work with another of our members back in the sixties!

The end of the event came around rapidly and we had to pack our kit away and successfully dodge the showers yet again before the heavens opened on the way home. All in all, despite the relatively low turnout (although we were always unlikely to match last year's bumper attendance) a lot of useful contacts were made and an enjoyable time was had by all.


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