Family Gathering 2018

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Aylesbury 2018 and a New Pub for the Wooster Family
Saturday 28th July 2018


Following weeks of blazing hot weather in the UK, it was something of a relief to have a slightly cooler, but nontheless very pleasant day for our annual family gathering, and with the added bonus of a new pub with a Wooster history to visit for lunch!

Back in our usual place after the problems with the roof last year, I arrived early to set up the display and was soon joined by a couple of our members. The display was completed in record time, and this time was restricted to just two themes, namely, DNA and all our matches thus far obtained and also "Not on the Internet". This part of the display being a collection of items from various sources which were not on the internet prior to our discovery of them, so items found in libraries, museums, war memorials etc. Finally, we didn't have to resort to plan B with regard to the Great Wooster Tree as this time the WiFi worked perfectly throughout the day.

More of our members arrived and we had one of only two bits of "external" business as we fielded an enquiry about Elizabeth Wooster who married John Slater, and some extra information supplied that they had a fourth child, Jane, who is not currently on the GWT, so some investigation required there.

Two more of our members arrived and a discussion ensued about some potential newsletter articles and in particular, about the town of Wooster in Ohio, the connection to General David Wooster, and of course the question do they connect to us? Some progress was made as a relevant WikiTree was found, but it would seem that these folks may be tied up in the tangled web which involves Reverend William Worcester. So we may have to wait for this one.

Meanwhile, as our DNA expert tried to unravel one of our member's results, we had our second bit of external business as Margaret Grace of the Beaconsfield & District Historical Society gave me some hard copies of some pre-1980's aerial photographs of Seeley's Farm which can be added to the site in due course.

With the time rapidly moving towards midday, we headed off for lunch. The Bell at Stoke Mandeville was a new pub for us, and one with Wooster history, the landlord on the 1911 census being Arthur Wooster. Here we were joined by four more members, bringing the total to twelve. Nobody had brought a pig with them, stolen or otherwise, and an excellent lunch was enjoyed by all.

On returning to the school most folks had a look around the other stalls as one of our members told me about her connection to the aforementioned Arthur Wooster at the Bell at Stoke Mandeville and her own little tangled web of people!

As 4pm approached people started heading off after another great family gathering. Our total attendance was twelve, so slightly up on last year, we had an excellent lunch at a new venue with Wooster history and the WiFi worked perfectly throughout the day! The only downside was that we perhaps didn't get as many enquiries from outside the group, although much was discussed between members.


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