Family Gathering 2019

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Aylesbury 2019 and the (Nearly) Washed Out Woosters
Saturday 27th July 2019


Following Thursday's incredibly hot day in the UK, it was probably something of a relief to have a cooler day for the family gathering, although whether we wanted it quite so wet is open to debate!

The display was set up and the wifi connected which worked well throughout the day. Members began to arrive and much discussion ensued.

The display was split into five sections, with lead stories about Sealey's Farm in Beaconsfield and emigrant Edward Wooster who may have been from Cheddington and emigrated to Connecticut. Further sections were dedicated to a photo gallery of the Australian decsendants of James Ives Wooster & Sarah Eggleton, the switching of surnames of one particular family between Wooster and the other most common variations and finally, on a closely related subject, a description of all the unlinked trees we now have on the site.

The morning passed by quickly and as we had few enquiries, most folks took the opportunity to have a look around at the other stalls. A list of Illmer baptisms, marriages and burials had been brought to check through and we found them all to be either already on the site or our Wooster lists. As lunchtime approached, the six of us braved the downpour to make our way to the Chandos Arms at Weston Turville where we were met by two more of our members. An excellent lunch was enjoyed by all as the staff there coped well despite being quite busy.

On returning, we found two more of our members had arrived on their way back from the Cotswolds. Delayed by traffic, they had been unable to get to the pub in time for lunch and had to settle for a burger. So the burger van does have its uses! More research was produced into the descendants of George James Worster the bricklayer from Lewisham, as well as a Thomas Wooster who isn't on our tree, so some research and some additions to make there.

At this point we had a couple of external enquiries, both of which could lead to people joining the group, but we will have to wait on that one. Another external enquiry came quite literally from the stall next to us, the Romany and Traveller FHS who are always our neighbours at this event. The man who runs that stall said he had a Miss Wooster as his teacher at Berkhamsted back in the 1960's. Of course this was in the days when teachers didn't have first names! She was young, so probably born around 1940. So if anybody knows of a former teacher of that sort of age who taught in Berkhamsted back in the 1960's we'd like to hear from you!

As 4pm approached people started heading off after another great family gathering. Our total attendance was ten, and we have a few new leads to follow plus the possibility of a couple of new members after some external enquiries.


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