The Great Wooster Tree

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    April 2021    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Benjamin Wooster   Arthur Ellis   Ada Jane Wooster   Charles Wooster   Edwin Wooster   Henry Wooster   Hilda May Wooster   William Henry Wooster   Albert White   Nora Elizabeth Wooster   Jane Wicks   Ellen M Shaw   Frances Mary Wooster   Albert Wooster   Doris Marjorie Wooster   Frederick William Pushman   Kathleen Margaret Dillon   Gertrude Eileen Dillon   Arthur Blackford   William Morgan Wooster   Phyllis Marjorie Wooster   Dorothy B Wooster   Maurice Gilbert John Wooster   Ernest George East   Frank Wooster   Georgina Annie Wooster   Mary Ann Brooks   Louise Stone   Frederick Roland Hobbs   Charles Rosser   ? Wooster   Kate Augusta Wooster   William Henry Foster   Ernest William Foster   John Walter Henry Lightowlers   Elizabeth Worster   George Wooster   Clara Elizabeth Wooster   John Wooster   Charles Wooster   Mabel Alice Wooster   Joseph Christopher Wooster   Ellen Dell Wooster   Idris Thomas Edwards   Gilbert Wooster   Henry Thomas Wooster   William Ralph Newell   Harry Shaw   Emily Mary Cowen   John Wesley Cowen   Sarah Wooster   Martha Hannah Wooster   John Clifford Tillotson   Mary Ann Wooster   John William Wooster   Thomas Wooster   Elizabeth Susan Wooster   John William Henry McArdell   George William Wooster   Jane Eliza Wooster   Esther Healey   Mary Sheilah Cubbage   Richard Wooster   Clara Eliza Wooster   Leonard Lewis Wooster   Leonard Henry Wooster   Lucy Bond   Lucy Gladys Wooster   Lily Esther Fuller   Margaret Helen Wooster   Alfred Frank Cohen   Elizabeth Mary Wooster   George Maurice Wales   James Worster   Marsella Worster   James Horace M Worster   Mary Worster   John William Ashley   Cecelia Catherine Wooster   Albert Wooster   Fanny Morris   Charles M Woster   George William Liddiment   Sarah Worster   Frederick Thomas Elson   Sybil Annie Gregory   Caroline Worster   Ada Worster   Elsie Lilian Wade   Harold Ernest Wooster   May F Worster   Rosa Taylor   Jane Bellinger   Mary Ann Collins   Frederick Palmer   Albert Wooster   Albert Thomas Wooster   Charles Wooster   Charlotte Wooster   Florence Ruth Wooster   Francis William Wooster   Hilda May Wooster   James Wooster   Richard John Wooster   William Wooster   William George Wooster   Frederick W Wooster   Patricia G Ramsey   Ellen Wooster   Elizabeth Annie White   Ellen Maud Wooster   Ellen M Shaw   Mildred Kate Wooster   Frances Mary Wooster   Elizabeth Harris   Rex Marshall Hooker   Joseph Henry Wooster   Ida Florence Wooster   Frederick Percival Wooster   Helen Elizabeth Rippington   Betty Joan Twitchen   Albert Wooster   Eliza Hulls   William George Wooster   Ivy Eliza Wooster   Agnes Vera Edith Keen   Frederick John Wooster   Frederick Charles Wills   Ann Atkins   Rachel Cooper   Albert Wooster   Elizabeth Wooster   Louisa Rebecca Wooster   Joyce P Wooster   Emily Hart   Alice Hitchcock Wooster   Eliza Worster   Francis George Parrett   Mary Ann Why   Mary Isabella Pointing   Donald John F Wooster   Herbert Thomas Lewis Wooster   Thomas Wooster   William Ronald Wooster   Reuben Sherwin   Annie E Butler   Vera Kathleen Magill   Douglas Lawrence Sherwin   Rupert Henry Sherwin   Mabel Alice Wooster   Kenneth Vere Wooster   Henry Wooster   Lewis Bertram Wooster   Louisa Blanch Gardiner   Louisa Ruth Wooster   Thomas Hayward Baldwin   Ellen Dell Wooster   Eliza Sherwin   Sarah Louisa Venables   Ernest Venables   Zeta Margaret Edwards   Joan Margaret Helliwell   Gladys Gillson   Elsie Shaw   Harry Preston   Emily Wooster   Jane Wooster   John Alfred Stamp   James Wooster   Jack Wooster   Ernest Wooster   Bernard Tillotson   John William Wooster   Edith Florence Wooster   Albert Horace Wooster   Edith Ella Johnson   Emma Hughes   Joan Tilling   Brian Edward Wooster   William Thomas Wooster   Alice Delia Wooster   Raymond David Wooster   Charles James Wooster   Frances Henrietta Godbolt Woos...   Blanche Bond   Lucy Bond   Clara Newcombe   John Lewis Wooster   William Noel Frederick Wooster   Muriel Bradford   Henry Wooster   Jessie Wooster   Henry William Cohen   William Thomas Wooster   Gladys May Yamalee   Charlotte Parker   Esther Helen Bertha Miles   Elizabeth Burkin   James Worster   John Worster   Isaac Worster   Walter Clarkson   Samuel Bland   John Worster   James Worster   Anna Maria Gray   George Raleigh Gray Worcester   Arthur Worcester   Leonard Charles Worcester Morr...   William Ewart Gotelee   Henry Worster   Thomas Worster   Albert Wooster   Clara Wooster   Edgar George Wooster   May F Worster   George B Richardson / Annie Do...   James Albert Walmsley / Edna F...   Albert Edward Barondale Mills ...   Frederick George Wylde / Ellen...   Charles Bevan / Doris Eirene O...   Henry Edward Wooster / Elizabe...   Sidney Charles Wooster / Charl...   Alfred George Edward Wooster /...   John Thomas Softley / Ellen Wo...   Sidney G Rogers / Florence Edi...   John Jesse Larner / Mildred Ka...   Geoffrey Jack Burton / Doreen ...   Henry Wooster / Sarah Keen   Frank Percival Brothers / Ida ...   Francis Edwin Walter Wooster /...   Ernest Twitchen / Gwendoline I...   Leslie Francis Whiting / Betty...   Harvey Wooster / Hilda Smith   John Hussey / Agnes Eleanor Lo...   Thomas James Montgomery / Agne...   Robert McCreadie Godson / Kath...   Richard Wentworth McCreadie Go...   Robert William Seymour Taylor ...   Francis Richard Bellamy / Ruth...   Frank John Wooster / Harriet B...   Ernest George East / Nellie Ru...   Ronald George East / Mary Shep...   Arthur Leonard Wooster / Hilda...   Albert Keen / Jane Wooster   Francis Reginald Keen / Elizab...   Ernest Stone / Mary Ann Sharp   William George Wooster / Ellen...   Charles Deere Foster / Jane Wo...   James Proven / Dorothy Agnes F...   Edwin Wooster / Emma Halt   George James Pitcher / Cissie ...   Francis George Parrett / Marga...   Thomas Wooster / Ellen Charlot...   Victor Smith / Constance Ellen...   Edwin Charles Frederick Wooste...   Thomas Edward Sherwin / Lilian...   Gilbert Lawrence Sherwin / Win...   Cecil Frederick Farlie / Clara...   Lewis Bertram Wooster / Phoebe...   Malcolm H W Jones / Joan E D B...   Bertram Walter Barlow / Ethel ...   George Wooster / Charlotte Dod...   William Enos Vann / Louisa Woo...   John Helliwell / Annie Pickles   Robert Crawshaw / Edith Niemey...   Cyril William Scott / Joan She...   Marsden Alderson Yeoman / Dori...   Harry Preston / Emily Florence...   Henry Thorney Wooster / Joan M...   Robert Wooster / May Smith   James Wooster / Alma Jones   Jack Wooster / Nellie Nolan   John Tillotson / Bertha Watson   Dr Atkinson Hardcastle / Lily ...   Robert Arthur Wooster / Joseph...   Robert Henry Parslow Lacey / E...   Fenwick William Howes / Lena M...   Alfred Thomas Leonard / Eva Cl...   George William Worcester / Eli...   Herbert Sydney Wooster / Clara...   Frederick William Blackwell / ...   William Isaac Convine / Alice ...   Cyril F Ford / Mia Christine G...   Henry Charles Randon Gilman / ...   George Raleigh Gray Worcester ...   William Ewart Gotelee / Doris ...   Alexander Worster / Elizabeth ...   Everard Ernest Worster / Enid ...   Alexander Donald J Worster / L...   William Everitt / Gwendoline F...   Terence John Henry Flinn / Cla...   John Baker / Emma Rebecca Wors...   Horace A Marston / Ada Florenc...   John Wade / Florence Mary Wost...