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On the 30th July 2011 the family group gathered at the Shoulder of Mutton in the ancient market town of Wendover in Buckinghamshire. The main street in the town, Pound Street contains many cottages which would have been around at the time of our ancestors. After our visit to West Wycombe last year we moved on two generations to Moses, Timothy, Mary and Elizabeth, grandchildren of Moses.

Lunch was enjoyed by most, although one case of undercooked pastry was an unfortunate blot. We then made our way down to Heron Walk and had an extremely pleasant 15 min walk along the bank of the river to St. Mary's church. Knowledge of three Wooster graves here had the group searching diligently and as ever, one of our founder members was first to spot one. The second one was found, but the third one remains a mystery. Inside the church we enjoyed the sight of magnificent stained glass windows and also a recent refurbishment which is fully in keeping with the old church.

Next we walked along the country lane to see Well Head Farm, which was owned by Timothy. The farm has undergone many changes but Well Head Cottage, attached to the farm would appear to be relatively old.

With that we walked back along past the church and along Heron path to another watering hole, The Red Lion, where tea, beer and soft drinks were enjoyed by the group.

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Our visit to West Wycombe last year was connected to Moses Wooster senior who farmed in the area. This year we move on two generations to Moses, Timothy, Mary and Elizabeth, grandchildren of the above.

It can be confusing as the family continually used the same Christian names throughout the c18/19. Particularly Moses, Aaron and Timothy. Not only in the direct line but also the children of junior family members. By the time of Moses senior, the family had bought and inherited land and other farms; so he passed on to his children and grandchildren a good inheritance which was to see the family, as landowning and working to preserve for the next generation. Unfortunately, as families were quite large it didn't always follow that your particular ancestor benefitted from a major land inheritance.

We know from the will of Timothy (proved 1833) that he had outlived his two wives and had at least nine children! And it is the children of the second marriage who received the greatest mention in his will. It must be presumed that he felt he had given sufficient to his elder children during his lifetime. However, his eldest son William and daughter Frances had predeceased their father so Timothy mentions the grandchildren. From this will we can trace some of the property that was owned by the family at the time. Several of the farms still exist, albeit with slight change of name. i.e. Smalldene Farm, Road Farm, Wellhead Farm.

Between 1761 and 1862 there are many recorded baptisms of the family at St. Marys Wendover, and it follows that there are recorded marriages and burials over the same period. But, after almost a century, our time in Wendover was over and the family had moved on east and south.


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