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Definitely "Wooster".....says so on the bottle! Many thanks to our Australian cousins for this one.


Maybe not. This letter in "The Age" from 1898 suggests otherwise!



Sir, - In your publication of Saturday, 23rd April, in an article on Notes from various Sources, there is a slight error re Lea and Perrin's Worcester sauce. About five or six years ago there was an article in regard to the same matter in a Sydney journal. George Cheeke's father (brother of the late New South Wales judge) and the late Lord Sandys are the two benefactors to whom we owe that universally popular compound, Worcester sauce. They were old cronies and bon vivants to boot, and between them they concocted the sauce.
They used to get it made up by Lea, who was a chemist in Worcester, and after a time he asked for permission to sell it, promising to keep the mixture secret.
Little thinking what they were giving away they consented. The rest is known; Lea died a millionaire, and big fortunes have been made out of the sauce. Mr. Lea's gratitude ran the length of sending to each of them a dozen bottles every year, and that is all they got out of it. On each bottle may be read, "Prepared from the Recipe of a Nobleman in the County." That was Lord Sandys, but it was Mr. G. Cheeke who suggested the ingredients which really made the sauce what it is. The late Mr. G. Cheeke was an uncle of mine, likewise to the late Alfred Agg and the wife of the late Justice Cheeke.
- Yours,
A. C. WORTHINGTON, Chemist at Bairnsdale, 26th April.




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